Pawscout Shipping Schedule

Happy 2015!  We are pleased to update you on our shipping schedule.  Even though we celebrated the start of 2015 more than a month ago, our friends and manufacturers in China are just about to usher in the Year of the Sheep.  As a result, much of the country is taking time off to celebrate with family, which has pushed back our production calendar.

We want to be completely transparent in our production schedule and give you insight into what’s involved in manufacturing and shipping a product:
  • February 19 – 27: Chinese New Year celebrations
  • March 2: Mold for the Pawscout Pet Finder goes into production
  • March 9: First units start to come off the line.
  • March 16: Each Pawscout Pet Finder undergoes a 17-point quality inspection to make sure it’s waterproof, durable and will keep your pet completely protected.
  • March 23: Retail packaging is folded and assembled into our sleek design. Check it out!
  • March 31: First Pawscout units are shipped by air from China to our U.S.-based engraver.
  • Mid-April: Pawscouts are shipped to users on a first-ordered, first-delivered basis.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to  We are extremely sorry for the delay but we promise that the wait will be worthwhile.  If you want to see photos of the Pawscout tag, our retail package and the factory where it’s all coming together, check out this link:

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