Introducing Pawscout Pet Finder

A family pet is lost every seven seconds. One in three pets is lost in his lifetime. Only one in ten pets returns home. “Lost dog” flyers can’t convey the heartbreak of a missing pet.

Pawscout created the next-generation digital dog tag and pet tracker that makes sure you always know where your pet is.  The Pawscout Pet Finder tag works with your mobile phone to provide real-time tracking for your dog or cat.


Create a profile for your pet with a photo and info on special needs, dietary restrictions and any medications.

Pawscout Profile

Set up a virtual leash and receive alerts if your pet strays.

Turn On Leash Mode

If your pet wanders off, simply sign into the app to see his last known location. If he doesn’t turn up, flag him as missing to have the community looking for him immediately—no flyers required.

Set Pet As Lost

If your pet comes within 200 feet of any Pawscout user, you will receive an alert with your pet’s location. And if a Pawscout user finds your pet, he will know how to contact you and to take care of your pet until you’re reunited.

Lost Pet Detail


Pawscout Pet Finder costs only $29.95—with no monthly fees. This one-time purchase provides a lifetime of Color Clusterprotection for your pet. Pawscout Pet Finder tags come in an assortment of colors to keep your pet safe—and stylish.

Buy your Pawscout Pet Finder today and get a custom-engraved nameplate and accessories kit—for free!