Pawscout App Now Available on Android (Beta Release)

Android AppToday we are extremely excited to announce the beta release of the Pawscout App for Android devices. Since 96% of all smartphone users have Android or iOS devices, that means more than 1 billion devices can now protect our pets by installing the free Pawscout App for iOS or Android.

The Pawscout App turns your phone into a magical pet-finding device. With the free app, your phone can answer an SOS from any pet parent suffering the heartbreak of a missing furry family member. If you install the app and pass within range of a lost pet wearing a Pawscout Pet Finder, Pawscout will be able to alert the owner of his pet’s location. Be a hero and help reunite lost pets with their families!

To install the beta build, please visit: If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

The more people with the Pawscout App installed, the more pets we’ll be able to reunite with their families. Please encourage all the animal lovers in your life to protect our pets by installing this free app.

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