Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips


Independence Day is upon us! Shelters see a marked increase in lost pets over the July 4th holiday, so it pays to have a plan for keeping your pet safe. Just in the nick of time, here are our top five pet safety tips.

  1. Keep clear of kebab sticks.


This rule also applies to alcohol, citronella candles, used-up sparklers, and all those other fun summer accessories that will inevitably wind up in your pet’s mouth when your back is turned. Enlist your July 4th guests to safely handle and dispose of their food, drinks, and party favors. After all, it takes a village.

  1. Glow is a no-go.


The image of your pet with a glowstick necklace is oh-so Instagrammable. But like a lot of things seen on Instagram, it doesn’t work out so well in real life. Glowstick decorations for your dog come with a risk of intestinal issues, so consider sticking with a nice stars-and-stripes bandana.

  1. Avoid diet disruptions.


Even a tiny bite of people food can result in stomach troubles. If you’re going to give your pet a special treat, make sure it’s something their system can handle! We suggest this two-ingredient peanut butter and banana dog ice cream.

  1. Contain yourself (well, your pet).


If you’re traveling with pets this July 4th, make sure you have a pet carrier or crate, like this one from Sherpa. (A carrier is also a good solution for escape artist kitties who can’t be trusted to stay confined to a room.)

  1. Skip the identity crisis.


Up-to-date identification is a safety must every day of the year. Take this opportunity to get your ID ducks in a row! At Pawscout, we recommend a combination of traditional nametags, microchipping, and a smart pet tag (like oh, say, this one) to offer comprehensive pet protection.

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